Why would you buy Nokia N8 ?

I am aware that there is a war out there.

Following is what I find ‘valuable’ in Nokia N8 based on my own experience, in no particular order. Note that India still has no good 3G coverage.

1. Watch AVI, mp4 videos.

You can watch a movie easily without breaking for recharge.

Performance is amazing. Both video and audio goes great.

2. Store movies on 16GB on-device or 32GB card storage.

Less hassles. Also, copying files is reasonably fast.

3. Connect to HD TV with HDMI cable.

4. Good battery performance.

I spend whole day easily with video, game, bluetooth, wifi and phone usage.

5. Connect USB drive to device.

This is very convenient some times.

6. Great Radio.

Amazing audio quality.

7. Great Audio output with supplied headset.

Keep on hearing music!

8. Great camera.

I have almost forgot I have a digital camera. Except limited zooming, as with all mobiles, there is no other short-coming compared to usual digital cameras.

9. Organize photos.

You can create albums or tag your photos.

10. Great video capture.

Really great quality.

11. Reasonable fast search within device.

12. Charge battery both from USB or wall charger.

13. Sturdy, scratch-less metal body.

14. Superb power saving mode. Only works with GSM.

15. Easy connectivity with PC with Ovi Suite 3.x.

16. Easy to update device.

17. GPS with free maps with own voice navigation.

18. Gr8 FM transmitter.

19. Easy backup on PC or web.

20. Free music download.

21. Bluetooth which does not eat away battery.

22. Connect to internet via WiFi.

23. Check mails/News/Cricket score or browse using Opera mini/mobile browser.

24. Use snaptu for various information from net.

25. Use skype and fring to call or chat on net.

26. Use free software to access wikipedia, youtube, dictionary, translation etc .

27. Very reasonable price.

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