Where eagles dare – Find a phone number!

I was in Gurgaon, and I wanted some pizza to fill empty spaces in my body. Not my fault, my body was craving for it!

But good things do not come easy, they say. Guess what, I did not have Gurgaon Domino’s number or at least I believed so. My first massiah was Domino’s toll free number stored in my mobile phone.

Alas, that won’t work from my mobile. So, next nearest massiah was Guest House’s manager. I called him and asked how I can make local call from my reasonably good room. I cannot, he said, but he can call and transfer. Well, would work for me. And then he got busy with internet problem he was facing. It seems that he had bigger problems than mine, and forgot. So, onus came back to me.

Your brain can give crazy ideas somehow. Mine asked me to check newspaper. I immediately went to gather all news paper for that day recieved by Guest House. And to my horror/delight, I found that there are five with so many pages. Believe me that I went through all. And of course, my stars were not in good condition. Domino’s had not given any ad.

Not everytime powerful devices can do good to you. I searched my mobile phone for “pizza” and voila, there were not one number, but two of them. I realized how chaotic my contacts list was. One was of Raffle’s pizza in Delhi, and another was of Domino’s but from Bangalore. For people new to India, Gurgaon is part of Haryana state which shares border with Delhi. So, I dropped idea of
Domino’s and called up Raffle’s. Pizzas are pizzas, no matter where they come from, as far as they are tasty pizzas! But you know it by now. My stars are not in good condition.Raffle’s does neither deliver to Gurgaon nor have branch in Gurgaon. Sad!

So, I have to make call to Bangalore Domino’s to get number of Domino’s Gurgaon. So, I did. If you think, I would have succeded now, you cannot be more wrong. Story starts now!

I called number0. I was said that I should call number1 for help.
I called number1. I was said that I should call number2 which is regional Domino’s office.
I called number2. I was said that they cannot help me, but he gave me number3 for Domino’s office of Noida which also shares border with Delhi.
I called number3. I was said that I should call number4 which is regional office.
I called number4. I was said that I should tell my address as there are many Domin’s in Gurgaon. I told him postal address of Guest House. He could not figure out where I was. So, he chose random Gurgaon number and asked me to call on number5.
I called number5. I explained him address. He gave me number6.
I called number6. Nobody picked it! I missed, I think, few heart beats. Note that these all was while I was on roaming.
And then there was light. I incremented last digit of number6 and called number7.
Somebody took my order! Oooh la la!

Don’t you dare think I am bluffing! Here are numbers:

Life is not bed of roses!

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Comments 1

  1. Richa wrote:

    Oh!!! U got it the same experience. It was like I am reading my own story.. It was thwarted experience. Alas!! Pizza was delievered in 30 minutes.. he he 😉

    Posted 11 Sep 2008 at 10:43 am

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