What can be termed ‘abnormal’?

There are many ways:

Normative abnormality
We go by ‘Nothing is normal as nothing is perfect.’
Only perfect is 100% normal. Farther you are from ideal, more abnormal you are.
Clinical abnormality
When things are beyond certain level of irrationality, bizarreness, poor adapatation, unorganization, ineffectiveness.
Cultural abnormality
When things not considered ‘normal’ by a culture.
Statistical abnormality
This one is based on idea of normal distribution or bell curve. In mathematical normal distribution, 97% data points are within 30% difference from average value. So, if average is 100 for some data set, anything less than 70 and more than 130 should be abnormal. Farther away you are from average, more abnormal you are.
Subjective abnormality
People like (based on some criteria selected by me) me are more normal. People different from me are abnormal. I select criteria of abnormality.

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