1. What happens if you throw Laden in the Indian Ocean? Answer
2. What is big, has deep pocket and found in India? Answer
3. What would a kangaroo say if her baby is missing? Answer
4. Can you keep a clock in jail? Answer
5. Which kind of loot is not dangerous? Answer
6. Why is it confusing when dog growls and wags tail at the same time? Answer
7. Which letter should be kept away? Answer
8. How can you jump from 123-feet ladder and still not get hurt? Answer
9. Where does Alphabet go? Answer
10. Where does Zebra go? Answer
11. What make more noise than two talking ladies? Answer
12. Can you keep wallet silent? Answer
13. How can you drop out and still get a degree? Answer
14. What do people do when it rains? Answer
15. Define pimple. Answer
16. How can you be sure of having counterfeit money? Answer
17. What can you add to water bucket to make it weigh less? Answer
18. How can you work for ten days continuously without sleep and still not tired? Answer
19. Can a bus cross sea? Answer
20. Who makes millions a day? Answer
21. Why do docs wear masks during operations? Answer
22. What is the best cure for dandruff? Answer
23. Identify two objects of importance that did not exist a hundred years ago. Answer

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