Restarted blogging…

It is fun to see how means of experssions changes!

Few thoughts:

* Men do not fail, but they give up – specially married men!
* You are not bald, you are simply taller than your head!
* If you have courage to commit suicide, why you cannot have courage to live?
* We call it ‘rush’ hour, when your car cannot rush!

I really like such witty one-liners. You can take any such good line and add something more creative, and make it more wittier! It is amazing how much this one-liners tell in one line. I use MSN messenger caption line to publish m creative work on one-liners, and I am getting good response. I like it when people read it and talk to me.

Furhter next time…

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Comments 1

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    If you have courage to commit suicide, get married;)

    Posted 12 Apr 2006 at 7:22 pm

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