nFAQ: Air Travel

nFAQ: Not Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do they ask us to make seatback upright while landing and taking-off?
A: So that if aircraft crashes, we do not easily slip out of our seat belt.

Q: Why do they ask us to keep window lid open?
A: So that if there is something wrong outside (i.e. engine is on fire), one of us can see and inform them.

Q: Why do they ask us to keep mobile phones in switched off mode?
A: So that there is no chance of interference with radio devices on aircraft.
Note that it is just about not taking chance. If every phone would cause interference then they would not allow us to carry it on aircraft at all.

Q: Why do they serve candies before take-off?
A: So that we can ‘suck’ candies to avoid ear-whistles or change in blood pressure.

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