I have questions…

1. How can we defend Ram for sending pregnant (that too with twin) Sita to jungle?

2. How can we defend Lord Krishna having many wives?

3. How can we defend Lord Krishna to have affair with Radha who was already married?

4. How can we defend Ram taking Agni-pariksha for Sita and not taking it himself ?

5. How can we say “No” to a child begging for a rupee at the cross roads?

6. How can we say “We have to bribe in India”, if we believe in Dharma?

7. Where is Atma? What is it? Who has it? How to find it? And what is Parmatma and Jeev?

8. We are going to have rebirths? Where? Why? Who decides?

9. Ramayana and Mahabharata has actually happened? Why such big wars which sacrificed many-many innocent soldiers for resolving disputes of respective Royal families?

10. How come planets orbiting thousands and millions kms away affect us?

11. Are there ghosts? Why cannot they join our society and we give them voting rights – at least to good ones?

12. Why a person with money is respected very much, at least in person, regardless of means of earning it in our religious society (and poor guys never get real respect)?

13. We thank god in our prayers. Why do not we thank (at least few prominent ones) scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers etc in our prayers?

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