How to unhide column A in Excel 2007

I was working on a spread sheet in excel 2007 and suddenly reallized that there is no column A. It was starting from B!. I could not remember when I had hidden that column. Column contained information, but was not very important one – or atleast I did not need to see that data very often. I thought, may be, in one of my frenzies, I would have hidden that column for a reason I cannot make out today ;-). I googled to find how to unhide column A. Then as per my finding, I used Ctrl+G to pop up Go to Dialog, and I asked excel to go to A1. Then I went to Home tab and then to Format drop down -> Hide and Unhide menu to unhide column. DID NOT WORK!

Then there was stroke of light. I had frozen panes! I unfroze them and voila, column A was there again.

I am now laughing on myself.

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