Happening changes in India

Here is 25 things which would change things in India. And so, may have effect elsewhere in world as well .
List is from Outlook Business May Anniversary Edition.

If you are not from India, this will give you an idea of what is going on in India.

1. India, with China, will dominate world economy.
It is still early days. Too many things need to be done, before ‘world domination’ can be claimed.

2. $3000 Car
Negative: Road infrastructure is too bad. Traffic is going to be too bad even in small cities of India.
Positive: Hopefully this will awaken governments, both local and central.

3. Rice Intensification System (RIS)
This will double rice production in India. Rice is staple food in India. And RIS is needed for India’s growth.

4. Smart Cards
All numbered cards (Income tax card, election card, ration card) will be unified. Hopefully, there will be better control over corruption.

5. Aerotropolis (Airport City)
City center will shift. If Airport will have SEZs around them, then lot of things will change.

6. Rs 5 Lakh ($12500) House
This, though less than one bedroom apartment, will make lives of people living in slums better.

7. Rural BPOs
Rural areas will develop. Villagers will have wealth.

8. Piped Gas Ecosystem
Gas will always be cheaper than crude. And it will help fight pollution.

9. Micro-pension schemes
This will increase social security for poor people by making them able to financially self reliant during old age by investing micro-amounts while they are earning.

10. Mobile Wallet
Mobile will not be only for talking anymore. Not too much cash needed to be carried.

11. Commodities Aggregators
This will make agricultural supply chain more efficient and fair to farmers.

12. Migration Services
India already Border-less workers! This will happen internally among Indian states, too.

13. Coal to Oil
Oils is and will be made from coal instead of crude. India has lots of coal. And various gases are by-product.

14. Work from Home
Less traffic, less fuel, more work, happy employee, …

15. Solar For Poor
India has lots of Sun. Solar lamps will become cheap enough.

16. Alternative Public Distribution System
New system is to execute most operations at village level. It is more efficient and fair.

17. Plastics to Fuel
This will be boon for environment as waste plastics will be used for production of fuel.

18. Digital Delivery of Movies
This will allow ‘real’ all India release to as many cinemas without too much distribution cost. Piracy can be beaten.

19. Bar Camps
These are informal forums with objective of sharing ideas. These will become brain storming vehicle.

20.Vernacular Keyboard
These gesture keyboards will allow villagers (who do not know English or cannot handle complex keyboards) access to computer and Internet.

21. Telemedicine
Remote and relatively cheap health-care delivery which knows no distance will become widely available.

22. Pay per Use
DTH, Video on Demand, Audio on Demand….

23. Online Education
Always available, no distance issue, cheaper once infrastructure is setup. Then India will have more people educated.

24. Computer-based Functional Literacy
Multimedia based literacy programs will make sure literacy rate increases.

25. Electric Vehicles
Average cost per Km will come down drastically.

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