Great but lesser known shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2007

Ctry+Y: Redo (reversing Ctrl+Z!)
F4: Repeate Last Command
F5, Ctrl+G: Open Go To Dialogbox
Ctrl+L/E/R/J: Align Left/Center/Right/Justify
Ctrl+B/I/U: Bold/Italics/Underline
Ctrl+F/H: Find/Replace
Doubleclick on word: Select word
Ctrl+Click: Select sentence
Triple Click: Select Paragraph
Click small arrow on bottom-right of group in ribbon: Open dialogbox
F7: Start spell checker
Ctrl+Arrow Keys: Jump words
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys: Select words
Alt: See shortcuts on screen
Ctrl+F1: Show/Hide ribbon
Ctrl+F2: Show Print Preview
Ctrl+F6: Change window
Shift+F10: Customize Statusbar
Ctrl+Shift+Space: Non-breaking space
Ctrl+Hyphen: Non-breaking hyphen
Ctrl+[/]: Increase/Decrease font size by one point
Ctrl+Space: Remove formatting
Ctrl+Alt+V: Paste special
Ctrl+Delete: Delete word on right
Ctrl+Backspace: Delete work on left
Ctrl+Alt+Y, Shift+F4: Repeate find (after clsoing find dialog)
Ctrl+Alt+Z: Switch between last four editing places
Ctrl+PageUp/Down: Move to previous/next editing place
Ctrl+Alt+Home: Select browse option
Ctrl+Alt+P/O/N/I: Print Layout/Outline/Draft/Print Preview
Ctrl+Alt+1/2/3: Apply Header 1/2/3
Alt+Shift+O/I/X: Insert ToC/Citation /Index entry
Ctrl+Alt+F/D: Insert Footnote/Endnote
Ctrl+F3: Cut and collect to spike
Ctrl+Shift+F3: Paste and empty whole spike
Ctrl+Alt+C/R/T/MINUS/PERIOD: Copyright/Registered/Trademark/EmHyphen/Ellipsis
Shift+F3:Change case

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  1. Shailesh Shah wrote:

    Just use Scout. 🙂

    Posted 12 Apr 2010 at 11:27 pm

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