Golden rule of decision making…

If you have to decide on something important enough, do you get in a dilemma?

You want to buy a car. At the same time, you do not want to spend too much money. Your old car is still good enough, though just reaching a point where you should sell it off. No new car is good enough is your budget and you are scared that you may end up buying accident-damaged second hand car. You end up in a situation where all options have some negatives for your context and you think too much over it which keeps you away from making decision.

To get you out of this dilemma, think if following statements are true.

* All non-trivial decisions have +ve and -ve possibilities.
* All non-trivial decisions have impact (good, bad, etc) when actually taken. Impact may not have been seen as possibility before.
* You can learn from impact.
* Only you are responsible for impact of decision supposed to be taken by you, even if you take ‘advice(s) or guarantee(s)’ from no-matter-whom.
* Nobody can guarantee success, though somebody can help/influence/guide/opine etc. Note that anybody can guide you towards good or bad decision based on their own incentive.
* Anybody can do only this : Make sure to try hard enough, in reasonable time frame, that decision is ‘good’ in a context, in any case.

All in all, here is golden rule.

Take a conscious decision and take responsibility for impact.

Note that keeping decision pending is also a decision!

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