Filter for ListGrid in Backbase…

I am working on a project where backbase is being used. Customer wants to have filters on top of ListGrid. Unfortunately, ListGrid from backbase does not support this. I searched developer network on backbase developer network for this functionality. Either I missed it or it was not there. I have ended up working on custom widget which will support this. I think this source code can be useful to many others. So, I share it here. Though it is straight enough, if I recieve many request I will explain it in detail. So, without much ado, here it is. Note that it is WIP and without any warranty ;-).

Example usage:

width=”auto” height=”300px”
readonly=”true” rows=”10″ dataSource=”myGridDataSource”>
this.addColumn(‘title’, ‘title’, ‘100px’, true, ‘text’);
this.addColumn(‘ranking’, ‘ranking’, ’30px’, true, ‘checkbox’);

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