Egyptian sales techniques!

Egyptians are smart salesmen:
Here are techniques used by them.
Please note that dialogs are just summaries. Real dialogs are quite long and time consuming.

“2 Pounds”
He lures you by offering to sell items 2 EGP each.
You, greedy, stop and select an item.
You decide to buy and take item in your hand.
You get amazed that only that selected item is 35 EGP, rest is still 2 EGP!

“Currency Conversion”
He lures you by offering to sell item at 2 Pounds.
You, greedy, stop as you think that item is worth 5 EGP.
You decide to buy and take item in your hand.
You get amazed that selected item is 2 British Pounds!

You stop and want to buy two pieces of same item. You estimate that both pieces are worth 30 EGP total.
You: “How much?”
Him: “Hmm, this one?” (pointing at an item)
You: “Yeah”
Him: “Very cheap price, for you, 30 British Pounds per one piece”
You: Put down the item, thinking that it is out of budget
Him: “Very good item, my friend, blah blah…”
You: “Very expensive”
Him: “How about 30 British Pounds for both pieces?”
You: “I do not want to buy, it is very costly”
Him: “No, my friend, it is cheap. In tourist market, it is 60-70 British Pounds”
You: “Ok, shukran” Start walking
Him: “Wait, wait. I give you at 30 US Dollars for both. Very cheap.”
You: “It is too costly for me; Thank you”
Him: “How much?”
You: “30 EGP for both”
Him: “Egyptian Pounds?”
You: “Yeah”
Him: “Friend, give me good reasonable price”
You: “No, only 30 EGP”
Him: “Ok, take it at 50 EGP”
You: “No”
Him: “Last, very good price 45 EGP”
You: Already tired, brain dead and you want to buy and finish off. You buy.
You get amazed that you paid 15 EGP more.

“No Change”
He will never have enough change. So, you will end up losing little more than what you agreed with him.

“Money is no problem”
You: “How much?”
Him: “Money – no problem. Select. No money for selection”
You: Spend time in selecting and talking blah blah blah
You: “How much for this one?”
Him: “Friend, money is no problem. This item is very very good, blah blah blah”
You: you even get involved in this blah blah blah
Him: “Pack this for you?”
You: “yeah, but how much?”
Him: “My Friend, money no problem” Packs item and hands over to you
You: “How much?”
Him: “75 EGP”
You: “Errr, hmmm, aha, this, err, little costly”
Him: “ohh, my friend, for you, 70 EGP”
You: Hand over 100 EGP note as if he obliged by telling you lots of blah-blah-blah about that item.
Later, you get amazed that you paid double.

“Show Respect”
You: “How much?”
Him: blah blah
You: blah blah
Him: blah blah

You: “Ok, this is costly. I do not want to buy. Thank you.”
Him: “Hey, show some respect. You spend too much time, I gave you drink. Do not walk away. This is not good. BLAH BLAH BLAH”
You: Feel guilty, and stop to negotiate further!

“Let Customer Speak”
You: “How much?” Thinking that item would be around 10 EGP
Him: “200 EGP”
You: Jaws dropped. “What?”
Him: “Ok, my friend, you tell me – how much?”
You: “25 EGP” Thinking that your estimation was too wrong.
Him: “Hmm, ok, give me good price. No 200 EGP. No 25 EGP”
You: …
Later, you get amazed that you paid too much!

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Comments 2

  1. Sab3awi wrote:

    These sales people ‘cheaters’ are exsiting on tourist places as they depend on buyers ignorance of price.
    These cheaters are “low peaple” we called them ‘Wateen’ They don’t have honor or principles. Most tourist people are like this.
    So, I suggest the title to be “Egyption cheaters at tourist places”
    By the way: Have you bought anything 😉

    Posted 13 Nov 2008 at 4:29 pm
  2. Chetan wrote:

    Yeah, I bought few things. Papyrus (right ones and wrong ones), perfume, souvenirs, cloths, gifts etc. I did not dare to buy anything expensive as I would need local expertise to make sure I do not end up in lossy deal. (I did come across a situation where a small bottle of water would cost me more than 10EGP.)

    I would not deem this as ‘cheating’ as these ‘tactics’ are used by even big businesses, but with more sophistication. That is why I call them ‘Sales techniques’ 🙂 even if they seem to cross lines of ethics.

    Posted 14 Nov 2008 at 11:20 am

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