A story of a parrot..

A man had a pet, a parrot named Greeny.

After he brought Greeny home, he started coughing. Man was kind enough to take Greeny to doc. To his surprise, doc said there is nothing wrong with Greeny, though Greeny was coughing in front of doc!

Doc was a wise man. He asked man to keep Greeny with him for a week. Man agreed, he had no choice.

When man came back after a week, Greeny was not coughing. When man asked doc how he did this, doc revealed the fact that he has not done anything.

Can you guess what the problem was?

Problem was there was NO problem. Greeny was simply imitating coughing, as other family members were coughing! When Greeny was kept away from coughing environment, of course, he did not find it to imitate and stopped coughing.

Do not be like Greeny, do not imitate foolishly!
Do not be like man, do not creating “bad” environment!


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